[How to] Easily interpret each Courier IT delivery stage when tracking your Telkom delivery

[How to] Easily interpret each Courier IT delivery stage when tracking your Telkom delivery

This article is for new Telkom customers who are waiting for the Telkom order to be delivered by Courier It.

Courier IT order stages: 

Deal collected by Courier IT

  • Captured Ops - Once the order has been approved by Telkom's back office, you will receive your waybill number for order tracking purposes with Courier IT. It will take up to 2 days for your tracking details to reflect on Courier IT's tracking portal. To visit the tracking portal click here: https://www.courierit.co.za/

  • Collection Booked - Courier IT has booked a collection time to collect your order from Telkom's warehouse.

  • Handed Over - Courier IT has collected your order from Telkom's Warehouse

Deal in-transit to the delivery hub

  • Depot checkout - Your order is at Courier IT's warehouse and has been booked to leave the warehouse to your nearest delivery hub.
  • Late freight  - The delivery has been delayed in transit between Telkom and Courier IT's warehouse or between Courier IT's warehouse and Courier IT's Delivery Hub.

Deal received at the delivery hub

  • Depot check-in - Your order has been received at Courier IT's delivery hub.
Deal out on delivery
  • Allocated To Route - Your order has been allocated a delivery route and a driver.
  • Loaded into the vehicle - Your parcel has been loaded into the delivery vehicle.
  • Routed to driver - The driver is currently in-transit on the allocated delivery route.

  • Delivery delayed - The delivery has been delayed and will be rescheduled.

Deal delivered

  • Customer collected - The customer has arranged collection from Courier IT's depot.
  • Proof Of Delivery - The customer has signed and provided RICA documentation to receive the parcel.
  • Text POD - SMS gets sent out to confirm the Proof Of Delivery.

Delivery queries/delivery special cases

  • Delivery Exception - 1. Address is unclear and cannot be found - Courier IT will keep the order for 2 days to rectify the unclear address before sending to it back to Telkom's warehouse. If you need to change your delivery address, read this article for a step by step guide [includes CourierIT contact details]: [How to] change your Telkom LTE delivery address 2. The contact was not available and the delivery will be rescheduled.
  • Exception Action - Address has been made clear and rectified.
  • Exception response - New delivery details will be processed and communicated to the customer

  • Missing freight - freight has been stolen or misplaced.

  • Contact not available: Courier IT will attempt delivery 3 times before sending the parcel back to Telkom's warehouse.

  • Return to sender - The order has been sent back to Telkom's warehouse, due to either an unclear delivery address of the contact not being available for 3 x delivery attempts or because RICA documents were not presented. If your order has been returned to Telkom's warehouse or the order is stated as missing freight, please contact DSL Telecom by logging a support ticket here, we will re-issue your order to Telkom and request it be dispatched for delivery again.

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