This article is for clients who want to change their Telkom LTE package

The process of changing your Telkom LTE package

Read this article if you want to learn more about upgrading, downgrading, renewing or migrating your LTE package.

How upgrading or downgrading your LTE package to a new deal works:

The ability to change your Telkom LTE package depends on how many months you are into your contract or commitment period:

1) If you are 1 - 3 months into your Telkom LTE contract period, you cannot change your package. In this instance, if you want a new deal you will need to take out a new contract.


2) If you are 4 - 21 months into your contract period, you are allowed to change your package. Telkom refers to this as a package migration and we charge an administration fee and a penalty fee to perform the migration which is calculated at the time of the package migration request.


3) If you are in the 22nd month or more of your contract period, you are allowed to change your package. Telkom refers to this as a package renewal and no administration or penalty fees will be charged.


Telkom LTE Deal/Package Change Eligibility Table:

Months Into Contract
Package Change Allowed
Action To Be Taken
Admin Fee
Penalty Fee
1 - 3 months
4 - 21 months
22 months +

 Steps to follow to initiate a change to your LTE package:

  • To change your Telkom LTE deal you can:

  • Provide us with the service number on your Telkom bill of the package you wish to change or the MSISDN (Cell phone number) of the sim card linked to your LTE service.

  • A DSL Telecom agent will check your current contract term and see if you are eligible to change your package and determine if any fees are applicable.

  • ‚ÄčOnce you agree to proceed, we will go ahead and complete the migration on our system. Your new package will be active within 24 hours of successful processing. Please note that the change in package will be done on your existing sim card and a new sim card will not be issued.

To view all available Telkom LTE packages navigate to

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