The reason why DSL Telecom can't assist you if you not one of our direct Telkom clients.

The reason why DSL Telecom can't assist you, if you're not one of our direct Telkom clients.

This article is for existing Telkom customers

DSL Telecom's partnership with Telkom:

DSL Telecom joined forces with Telkom in 2016 and has subsequently become one of the largest post-paid partners in the country. Telkom primarily uses dealers and partners as part of their sales distribution channel.

If you are a DSL Telecom client that has signed up for your Telkom internet package with us and you're seeking after-sales support then DSL Telecom's in-house support team can assist you.

You can log a ticket to our support team here: Log a ticket

Why DSL Telecom cannot assist you if you signed up with Telkom directly:

If our customer services team cannot locate your account information on our DSL Telecom or Telkom client database, it means that you have signed up directly with Telkom and not with DSL Telecom. If you are a direct client of Telkom then DSL Telecom will not be able to assist you with after-sales support due to us not having access to your Telkom account details.

Although DSL Telecom is an authorised Telkom business partner, that does not mean that we have access to Telkom's entire database. We only have access to a client's Telkom account if they have signed up directly with DSL Telecom.

Should you require after-sales support and you're not one of our direct Telkom customers, you can contact Telkom's call centre on 080 000 7268 or 10210.

DSL Telecom is a leading Telkom partner in South Africa and there are many benefits in choosing DSL Telecom as your Telkom partner. If you're interested in one of Telkom's latest internet deals, be sure to contact DSL Telecom on or 087 802 0917.


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