Read this article to understand your Telkom invoice and also how to cancel WASP services.

Understanding your Telkom invoice / bill

Page 1:

1.Your details
Your name and postal address
2.Account Details
Your account details. Keep your account number handy when making an enquiry.
3. Account Summary
Summary of your account. Reflects the balance of your previous bill, the payments received and the total current bill.
4. The Invoice
This invoice indicates the details of the current invoice. Rental, Usage (or Calls) and VAT are the most popular items  for residential customers. Rental for services is payable one month in advance. In the case of a new service, the initial rental from the date of installation till the end of the bill cycle, as well as rental for one month in advance will apply.
5. Important Information
5a. Important Information
5b. All enquiries and fault reporting 10210
5b. Fault reporting via SMS 30591
5c. Moves and Relocations
 6. Mail Payment Slip
Please do not detach this slip. When paying at a counter, take the full page with. Check below for payments options.


Page 2:

1. Customer Detail
Your name and invoice details
2. Subscription Services
This section contains detail of all the monthly rental charges.
3. Usage Charges
A summary, per usage category, of all the usage charges can be found in this section.
4. Non-taxable Interest
This shows any interest you have received for late payments.
5. Total Charges
This shows the total charges for the month that the invoice is for.


Page 3:


1a - d. Ways to Pay - Debit Order, Bank, ATM, Internet

Read this article for ways to pay your outstanding Telkom bill: Ways to pay your outstanding Telkom bill

2. How Telkom Charges For Newly Installed Services
You will be charged rental from the date of the installation of the service until the billing date, plus one month's rental in advance. Note that the pro-rata calculation applies to all services, except Telkom Internet, where the full month's rental is also charged for the month of installation. You will also be charged once-off connection fees that will be credited to your account if you have already paid them in advance.
3. Faced With An Ethical Dilemma
Contact us at
4. VAT Calculation
We calculate VAT per product or service type individually. Only the sum thereof appears on the tax invoice.
5. How We Calculate Interest
Interest is charged on all amounts due that have not been paid on or before the due date indicated on your invoice. Interest is calculated from the date of issue of the invoice until the date we receive the payment. We may amend this interest rate from time to time. The current interest rate is 18.00% per annum compounded monthly.
6. How We Calculate The Cost Of Calls
Calls are charged per second with a minimum charge per call. The distance of the call and the time you make the call determine the call charge per second. The charge per second will be lower for short-distance calls and for calls made during call more time (from 19:00 to 07:00 on weekdays and from 19:00 on Fridays to 07:00 on Mondays). 
7. Ways To Receive Your Invoice
You will receive your invoice via an email (email address of your choice) on a monthly basis in a pdf format.
Please note: This option is currently available to Residential customers only.
Electronic billing
You will be able to log onto our website and view your invoice online. A monthly notification mail will be sent to notify you that your invoice has been uploaded on the Electronic Bill Presentment platform
You can also pay your account online with your credit card.
You will receive your printed invoice via the post
8. Change Of Your Postal Address
If you want to change your postal address and you are a residential customer, please call us on 10210 or 10217 if you are a business customer. You can also arrange a change of address at your nearest Telkom direct shop.
9. Telkom Crime Hotline
Call 0800 124000 to report fraud, theft, corruption, cable theft and transgressions of Business Code of Ethics.
10. Conditions For The Provision Of Telecommunications Services
The provision of electronic communication services is subject to Telkom's standard terms and conditions, as amended from time to time. The Terms and Conditions are available at
11. Fault Reporting Via SMS
You can report your faulty telephone service by sending an SMS to 30591. Please include the word SERVICE and your ten-digit service number, eg. “0125551234”. SMS’s are free of charge.
12. Enquiries Via SMS
Balance enquiries: 0123210210
Free minutes enquiries: 0123210211
Please include your ten-digit service number and ID number of account holder (leave a space between the numbers), e.g. "0125551234 1101120011011".
13. Online Fault Reporting
You can report your faulty service online at:
14. Online Fault Tracking
To receive the latest status and progress on an existing fault, go to:
15.Online Self-Help Fault Diagnosis
To assist you to diagnose faults, visit the following website:
16. Fault and Service Enquiries
Residential customers: 10210
Business customers: 10217
SmartAccess customers: 0800 654321

WASP Management
Many South African cellphone users have complained about losing airtime and falling victim to hidden charges for unknown subscription services. Wireless application service providers (Wasp) subscriptions often bill users for content without their consent or knowledge.

Wasp subscriptions offer subscriptions to ringtones, games, and other content ranging from porn to sport.

To avoid being fraudulently subscribed to a WASP, South Africa’s mobile network operators offer a way to block premium content subscriptions.

Telkom allows you to block all WASP subscriptions by enabling a setting in the Telkom app. as follows:

Log into the app and navigate to My Products > Manage > Protect Your Mobile Number, and set it to “On”.

To manage premium content subscriptions, navigate to My Products > Subscriptions > Content Services.

Alternatively, dial 180 and follow the prompts.
If you are unable to unsubscribe from WASP premium services, visit a shop of your mobile provider. If your mobile operator is unable or unwilling to assist you, contact the Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association (WASPA) on or fill out a complaint form at

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