Voice | How to get Vobi setup on your phone

Voice | How to get Vobi setup on your phone

This article is for Vox VoIP customers.

See this handy video, or follow the instructions below.

Follow the below steps to setup Vobi on your phone. 

Step 1.

Download and install Vobi on your smartphone from either the Google Play store or the Apple App
Store. While installing, you may be prompted to allow Vobi to access certain applications on your
phone, like contacts, photos, etc. Please allow all.


Step 2.

Open the application by clicking on the icon. Then select ‘Scan QR’.

Step 3.

Using your mobile phone’s camera, scan the QR code that was emailed to you. 

Step 4.

Accept the terms and conditions. 

Step 5.

Vobi is automatically configured and you are ready to make and receive calls

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a quick response (QR) code?

A QR code consists of an array of black and white squares containing information that is easy to access using a smartphone camera

2. What does a QR code look like?

3. Why do I need the QR code?

The QR code contains important information to setup your Vox SIP account.

4. When using Vobi, how much data is used per minute?

0.5Mb per minute if using G.729 codec.

5. Can I use Vobi while traveling overseas?

Yes. Vobi can be used wherever you have internet access. Please take note that roaming data charges may be applicable, depending on your mobile call plan.

6. How do I check my call usage, charges and settings?

For single SIP accounts, login to our customer portal (https://portal.vox.co.za/) to view your account details and configuration settings. You will be able to view your QR code here as well.

7. Can I have multiple SIP accounts configured on Vobi?

No, Vobi supports a single SIP account. You can change from one SIP account to another by resetting the application and scanning in the required QR code.

8. Can I have multiple devices linked to the same SIP account, for example, Vobi and my Vox Supafone?

Yes, multiple devices may be linked to the same SIP account. However, certain restrictions apply with regards to maximum concurrent calls allowed per SIP. This is dependent on the SIP account purchased. 

9. What are the call rates over Vobi?

Call rates are dependent on the SIP account purchased and vary between home and business users. Visit www.voxtelecom.co.za for more information or call our support centre on 087 805 0500.

10. Why do I have to unlock my screen before answering calls?

The procedure is controlled by the mobile phone operating system and is not a feature set of Vobi. Please note this issue is specific to Apple devices and has been resolved from iOS 10 and up.

11. Why does the app ask for permission to access my camera and photos?

By enabling access to your camera and photos, you can add pictures to your contacts and quick dials.

12. How do I ensure I get a notification when someone calls and my Vobi app is not open?

Using your mobile device go to ‘Applications’, find the Vobi app and enable or allow the app to send notifications.

13. Who do I contact if I need technical assistance?

If you’re a home user, you can call us on 087 805 0530 or alternatively email us at help@voxtelecom.co.za. For business users, you can contact us via 087 805 0500 or alternatively support@voxtelecom.co.za

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