Ways to pay your outstanding Telkom bill

Ways to pay your outstanding Telkom bill

If you have a current invoice or outstanding amount owed to Telkom, it will need to be settled before Telkom can continue with your new order.  

To find out more details on your outstanding amount/account you can call Telkom on 081 180.


Here are the ways to easily settle your outstanding Telkom bill: 

1. Pay Telkom Online - register your Telkom account on the Telkom portal and pay via the website

  1. Click here to visit Telkom's portal: https://tlkm.link/SelfHelpPortal
  2. Download the Telkom App's here:


2. Pay via your bank - pay using your banking app, ATM or in-branch payment. Select Telkom from the beneficiary list given by your specific bank. To make an electronic payment, use the EFT reference number, which is on the first page of your bill. The Telkom accounts number is unique and valid for this account.


3. Pay at select Retail outlets - pay your outstanding Telkom bill at one of the following retail outlets. Present your invoice together with the payment to the cashier. Remember to ask for your receipt.

  1. Pick n Pay
  2. Checkers
  3. Shoprite money market counter
  4. Spar counter
  5. Post office.


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