A brief explanation of Telkom's credit vetting process and outcomes

A brief explanation of Telkom's credit vetting process and outcomes

Upon applying for your Telkom deal, Telkom will run through all verification processes and conduct a credit vet, to ensure affordability is met for the deal application.  Here is a brief explanation of the credit vetting stages and what each one of the stages mean:

Preliminary credit-vet - A quick preliminary credit vet will be done, against your ID number to determine if you are provisionally approved for your Telkom deal. Once your application is submitted to Telkom's back office, Telkom may run a manual credit vet to ensure application affordability.

Telkom credit vet approved status - Minimum criteria and affordability have been met and the customer has been approved for their Telkom FTTH, xDSL or LTE application.

Your order will get sent to Telkom's back office where a Manual credit vet will take place. There are 1 of 3 things that will happen. You will either be:
1. Manually Approved.
2. Manually Declined - Affordability minimum criteria for the product was not met. This may be due to:
  1.  Little to no credit history/affordability: If your Telkom LTE, xDSL, LTE application gets credit vet declined due to affordability reasons, Telkom will request a deposit payment, in which case DSL Telecom will advise on the deposit payment amount and the reference number and bank details to make payment against.  
  • Poor credit history: If your Telkom LTE, xDSL, LTE application gets credit vet declined due to poor credit history you may proceed with applying under an alternate ID / 3rd party applicant. Email us on sales@dsltelecom.co.za to proceed with this option.

  • Account is in arrears/outstanding monies owing to Telkom: If your Telkom LTE, xDSL, LTE application gets credit vet declined due to outstanding monies owing to Telkom, simply make payment for the outstanding monies in order to proceed with your application. To learn how to easily pay outstanding monies, click here: [How To] Pay Your Telkom Bill Online

 3. Telkom will request a deposit payment before proceeding with your order if you are a passport holder or have little to no credit.

To learn more about DSL Telecom's product and service offering, head over to our main website: www.dsltelecom.co.za. Please contact DSL Telecom on support@dsltelecom.co.za, if you have any further queries.


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