Here's why Telkom may request additional information/items from you in order to approve your order

Here's why Telkom may request additional information/items from you in order to approve your order

#1 Address Confirmation Required

Telkom's back office may have trouble picking up your address on the Telkom mapping system. In order to pinpoint your exact address they will require one of the following:

  • Utility Billsuch as municipal rates, water bill, lights bill, or a statement from your property managing agent that clearly depicts the delivery/installation address and contains an ERF or Stand number for the property. The utility bill does NOT need to be in your name.

  • GPS Co-ordinates of your address

  • Telkom Landline number 


#2 Additional Documents Required

Typically Telkom will request additional documentation for 3rd party payments. These additional documents are required to give you 'permission' to continue with the order.

For example, some details on your application form might not correspond with the name on the banking details or ID document. Therefore additional documents are required to support the application form such as a marriage certificate.


#3 Bank Account not open for at least 3 months

Telkom requires your bank account to be older than 3 months in order to process your order, in which case, you can wait for your bank account to age 3 months or apply with a 3rd party payment option. 


#4 Bank Verification failed on LTE

Telkom will ensure your banking details are correct before processing your order. At times, bank details may be taken down incorrectly and Telkom cannot process your order. This can simply be fixed on your application form and re-submitted to them for processing. 


#5 Deposit payment required

Generally, foreigners that have applied with a passport or individuals/companies that have a low credit score with Telkom are requested to pay a once-off deposit. The deposit is refundable after 3 months.

Ways to pay: You can pay Telkom via EFT on your banking platform, just select Telkom as the pre-loaded beneficiary. You can also pay at an ATM or in-store at any post office, Checkers or Shoprite money market counter, Pick n Pay or Spar counter. Or you can pay via EFT straight into Telkom's bank account using the following details:


#6 Outstanding money - You owe Telkom money

Telkom may advise that you have an outstanding invoice owing to them. This will need to be settled first before processing your new order.

Ways to pay your bill:

  1. Online - register your Telkom account on the Telkom portal and pay via the website or Telkom App.
  • Banks - pay using your banking app, ATM or in-branch payment

Stores - pay at any post office, Checkers or Shoprite money market counter, Pick n Pay or spar counter.

For support related queries, email 
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