[ How to ] choose between Zoho's 5 CRM editions

[ How to ] choose between Zoho's 5 CRM editions

This article is for new and existing Zoho customers.

Zoho CRM offers compellingly affordable plans for small businesses, but it also offers the Enterprise tier to satisfy the demands of larger businesses. Designed to easily scale users up or down as your business requirements fluctuate.

If you are unsure about evaluating the 5 Zoho CRM Editions by yourself, talk to one of our Zoho Software product experts, tell them your needs, and let them suggest the best possible CRM edition that will benefit your business. DSL Telecom offers a unique concierge software service that aims at helping customers choose the right Zoho software applications for their businesses through free product trials, demonstrations and business-needs analysis.

Read DSL Telecom's blog post for a more detailed comparison between the 5 CRM editions here: Which is the best Zoho CRM edition for advancing South African businesses? 

Watch this video to learn more about DSL Telecom's concierge service:

Learn more about our Zoho Concierge today 👉 https://www.dsltelecom.co.za/zohosoftware

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