The latest Zoho CRM enhancements skyrocket productivity with these powerful Zoho CRM features,

[The Latest Zoho CRM Enhancements] Skyrocket productivity with these powerful Zoho CRM features

This article is for new and existing Zoho customers.

Here are 5 exciting Zoho CRM feature improvements that will help you build even better everlasting customer relationships.

1. Zoho CRM Analytics:

Zoho CRM Analytics helps you make smarter business decisions with easier accessibility. Zoho CRM's advanced analytics help you monitor every aspect of your sales cycle and allows you to take a quick glance at various important metrics for your business. These activities can all be tracked and monitored from your mobile device.

2. Zia Workflow & Advancements:

Many regular activities like sending emails to customers or stakeholders, allocating tasks to team members, or updating details often take up more time than you expect. Zia can help you identify repetitive manual activities and suggest a well-executed workflow to automate the process.

Zia advancements include:
  1. Zia for emails
  2. Zia recommendations
  3. Zia vision
  4. Zia prediction builder

3. Sandbox Supported In Zoho's CRM Trial Edition:

Sandbox is a revolutionary environment where you can test your Zoho CRM settings before you take it to your production set up. This way, you'll feel more at ease about the changes to your settings, as you can now test them, identify issues and fix them before you take them to your actual working set up. Sandbox is now available on Zoho's CRM trial edition which allows your sales team to focus on their leads while your administrative team builds your system in the back end, without affecting the live environment or productivity.

4. Sales Pipeline Functionality:

This feature allows you to manage multiple business units in your Zoho CRM system. 
A sales pipeline is a visual representation of your sales process that shows where your prospects are in the buying cycle.

It is a systematic method that one follows to navigate between multiple stages through which a sales prospect moves, ie from becoming a lead to becoming a customer. A sales pipeline also helps you determine exactly where your business opportunities lie as well as outlining the actions you need to perform in order to convert a prospect into a customer.

Benefits of having a sales pipeline include:

  1. Getting a better understanding of the sales process.
  2. A more efficient sales strategy.
  3. A better understanding of the position of each lead in the sales funnel.
  4. Less time spent on closing deals.

Benefits of having a business pipeline include:

  1. Visualising and tracking the progress of a deal through each stage.
  2. Taking necessary actions based on the stage in the buying cycle.
  3. Monitoring how long a particular deal has stayed in a stage and take action to prevent stagnancy.

5. Custom Signals

Signals in the Zoho CRM system provide real-time notifications of all touch points from your leads, contacts, or potential customers. You can keep track of all the customer interactions across various channels and follow up with them from one central place, your Zoho CRM account. You can also receive signals from any third-party application you have installed. All you have to do is integrate these third-party applications with your CRM through APIs, such as WhatsApp.

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