[How To] Easily Get Help From Telkom's Customer Service And Customer Support Channels

[How To] Easily Get Help From Telkom's Customer Service And Customer Support Channels

This article is for existing and new Telkom customers who need to get into contact with Telkom's support channels.

Here you can find the multiple services and support channel contact details including self-service tools as well as the options to speak to Telkom via your preferred method of communication so you can get the help you need as quickly as possible, directly from Telkom's service and support departments.


Here are the ways you can get into contact with Telkom's support: 

  • Give Telkom a call - 081 180 (free from a Telkom mobile phone)

  • Chat to an agent online - click here to initiate a chat session 👉 https://www.telkom.co.za

  • Send a WhatsApp - Message the customer care WhatsApp number on 0811 601 700 to get data balances, buy bundles and a whole lot more.


  • Download the FREE Telkom App - Manage both home and mobile accounts from an easy-to-use FREE app on your smartphone or tablet. Click on the logos below to get quick access to the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. 




Use the Telkom Self-Diagnosis Guide - Identify and fix a problem easily without speaking to an agent or waiting for a technician. Simply download the PDF guide and click on the scenario relevant to you to get advice. Click here to download the guide.

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