How to upgrade or downgrade your Telkom LTE package.

[ How to ] upgrade/downgrade your Telkom LTE package

This article is for existing Telkom LTE customers.

The Migration Process explained:

Your Telkom LTE contract can only be upgraded or downgraded after 3 consecutive months of your LTE being active and having had successful billing.

You can only migrate to a Telkom LTE sim only package. If you have a Sim & Router Telkom LTE package you will have to pay for the remaining months of your current contract for the router portion only. This means that you will now own your router.

If you would like to upgrade your Telkom LTE contract but it costs R300 more than your current Telkom LTE contract then you will need to provide three months bank statements before you can migrate.

Documents that you will need to migrate your Telkom LTE package:

  • You need to provide your service number that you would like to upgrade or downgrade.
  • Most recent three months bank statements if you are upgrading to a package that costs R300 or more than your current package
  • A clear colour photo or copy of your ID book or ID card.
  • Your Latest Telkom bill.
  • Telkom LTE migration application form which will be completed with the DSL Telecom's migration team.

If you do choose to upgrade or downgrade your Telkom LTE package, contact our in-house migration team on, there is no need for you to go into a Telkom store.

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