Telkom LTE Renewal Process

Telkom LTE Renewal Process

You have the option of either renewing for just a Sim-Only deal or to renew for a Sim + Router deal from the 21st month of your Telkom LTE contract commitment term.

At this time, you may select any new package that is available provided it's within the same product category. e.g. LTE to LTE, Mobile to Mobile.


How to renew your Telkom LTE

Navigate to and select the Telkom LTE package that you would like to renew to. It can be the same package that you currently have or a new Telkom LTE package.

 Once we have received your renewal request a DSL Telecom Sales team member will be in touch to complete your renewal order telephonically. Your Telkom LTE renewal will be submitted to Telkom for processing.

Please submit the below supporting documents along with your renewal application form:

  1. Your latest Telkom bill
  2. A copy of your ID

How long does the Telkom LTE renewal process take?

  1. Sim only renewals:  1 working day
  2. Sim + Router renewals:  3 - 5 working days   

What happens once your LTE service has been renewed?

Once you have successfully renewed your LTE service with Telkom, your existing/current SIM card will be activated with the renewed service and you can just continue using the same SIM card you already own. A new SIM will not be issued.

If you want to renew and have a router included in your deal the router will be shipped to you. You will continue to use your existing SIM Card that you already own.

How does Telkom LTE renewal billing work?

You will be billed for your old Telkom LTE product until date of activation of your new data product and from that point onwards you will be billed with your updated pricing. No alternative setups are required - it's essentially just a click of a button. 

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