How to use Zoho Sign for electronic signatures with video's

How to digitally sign DSL Telecom's documents using Zoho Sign application - [ Videos Included ]

This article is for existing DSL Telecom clients who need to sign a document using Zoho Sign.

Zoho Sign enables you to sign documents from anywhere, on the device of your choice. 

Here is a video demonstrating how to use Zoho Sign on desktop:

Here is a video demonstrating how to use Zoho Sign on mobile:

When DSL Telecom sends you a document via email, you can digitally sign this document, using an application called Zoho Sign.  This email, also known as the Signature Request email, will contain a secure link to access the page where you can view and sign the documents. Follow these steps to learn how to easily sign DSL Telecom documents digitally.

There are 3 simple steps to be followed by the signee to sign documents from their email inbox.

You will receive an email with the subject line: "[Team Member Name] from DSL Telecom requests you to sign..." Open the email and click "Start Signing." This will redirect you to the document that requires digital signing.

Select "Proceed to document."

Step 2. You can then accept the Elecontric Record and Signature Disclosure by selecting "Agree & Continue."

Step 3. Fill in the relevant fields, confirm the details on the application form and electronically sign the document. Once completed, select "Finish."

Thereafter, the document will automatically send back to the DSL Telecom team for processing. 

If you have any other queries, log a support ticket here:

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