Multi-channel Zoho support - expert help when you need it

Multi-channel Zoho support - expert help when you need it

Connect with DSL Telecom's & Zoho's award-winning customer success and support teams for expert guidance.

Here are the 4 main support channels that we offer to help you:

#1 DSL Telecom self-service: Free online articles, blogs and video demonstrations.

#2 Zoho self-service & support: Live chats, Email, Community and Resources. 

#3 DSL Telecom local ticketing support: email 

#4 DSL Telecom Customer Success Plans 👉

#1 Self Service  - online how to's and solution articles, blogs and video
DSL Telecom customers can access self-help resources and get the answers they need instantly. Accessible to all of our Zoho customers.
  1. Customer Resource Centre: Access our resource centre, packed with articles, user guides & tutorials 👉
  2. Blog: Find insightful and educational articles related to our telephony & Zoho software products here 👉
  3. YouTube: Find Zoho how-to videos, Zoho features explanation videos & Zoho App walk-through videos 👉
#2 Zoho self-service & support
As a paying customer you will have access to Zoho's free self-service & support channels via:
Live chat: Chat with a Zoho support agent via an online chat portal.
Email: Log a ticket to Zoho support by emailing the support email for the Zoho app that you're using e.g. or
Community: Connect with fellow Zoho users, ask questions and get answers from Zoho experts.
Resources: Access information and educational videos, user guides & webinars within each Zoho app's help centre.

#3 DSL Telecom's local & free ticketing support
Drop us an email on with your basic support questions for free assistance! Turnaround times are between 24 - 48 hours.

Types of queries you may log to our award-winning support team:

  1. Adding of new users
  2. Upgrading Zoho licences
  3. Moving to an annual Zoho licence
  4. Zoho trial extensions
  5. Moving to ZAR billing
  6. Basic FAQs
For intermediate to advanced Zoho queries we recommend utilsing our Customer Success Plans or Zoho  Administrator Training Programs.

#4 DSL Telecom Customer Success Plans
Receive hands-on service from your dedicated Zoho Customer Success Manager, who is fully acquainted with your Zoho applications & set-up. Get guided one-on-one sessions and configuration assistance. Your Customer Success Manager will ensure you receive priority support with response times as fast as on hour (during weekly operating hours 5 days a week).
For more information about our Customer Success Plans and pricing go to: 👉