Read this article to learn about how Vox will bill you during your first month of the activation of your Vox fibre internet service.

Vox Fibre To The Home | Understanding Your First Vox Fibre Internet Invoice / Bill

In this article, you can learn about how to interpret your first Vox fibre invoice.

To avoid confusion, It's important to note that Vox will bill you upfront each month.

In addition, your first Vox fibre bill will also include a pro-rated subscription charge, dependent on the amount of days your service was active during the month that your fibre internet was installed

For Example: if your fibre line was activated on the 11th of January, your first bill will consist of a pro-rated subscription charge for the period between the 11th of January - end of January PLUS your monthly subscription charge for the full month ahead, the 1st of February - the 1st of March.

Please refer the example bill below to see how your charges will be displayed:

1) The first line item on the bill will be the total pro-rated subscription charges dated from the 11th of January until the 1st of February.
2) The second line item on the bill will be the upfront subscription charge for your upcoming month, ie: the 1st of  February until the 1st of March.
3) The third line item on the bill will refer to your line setup fee, if applicable, and will mention your Fibre Network Operator. (In this case, Vumatel)
4) Arrow number 4 indicates Vox's banking details for convenient EFT payments.
5) Finally, arrow number 5 indicates the total invoice amount due by you.

View DSL Telecom's Vox online store here:

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