How to pay your Vox bill on the Vox customer portal

How to pay your Vox bill on the Vox customer portal

This article is for existing Vox fibre clients.

3 Easy steps to pay your Vox bill on the Vox portal:

Step 1. Log into MyVox:

Step 2. Select the ' Payments and Billing ' tab.

Step 3. Select "Pay Now" to pay any outstanding balance on your service.

 Any Vox invoice will, where applicable, detail the following types of charges:

  1. Installation charge: the installation charge and any other charges levied as a once-off initial charge in respect of the connection of the services.

  2. Reconnection charge:  the Customer’s right to use the Services is suspended due to non-payment, and the fee is in respect of any restoration of the Service, is payable in advance, together with any outstanding amounts which are due to Vox.

  3. Ad-hoc / time and material charges: levied on each occasion for the provision of miscellaneous services requested by the customer.

  4. Recurring/rental charges: levied periodically, usually charged monthly – in respect of the use and availability of the services. Recurring charges are payable in advance for the first and any upcoming rental period on the first day of the month, with effect from the activation date.

  5. Cancellation fee: a fee raised by Vox for cancellation on the customer not fulfilling their contract.

  6. Call/usage charges: levied on the use of the service where such use is metered. Call charges and usage charges are billed to the customer at the end of each billing period.

  7. Anticipatory costs: levied to recover the charges that Vox would have billed for the duration of the Fixed Term Agreement if the contract had run its full term.

  8. Interest on overdue amounts: any amount due by the customer to Vox not paid on or before the Due date indicated on the invoice shall bear interest from the date that an invoice became due.

You can also pay for your Vox Bill by the information provided on your invoice with a direct deposit. The bank details for the direct deposit is at the bottom of the bill.

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