Understanding Vox VoIP Service: Can It Get Capped?

Can my Vox voice service get capped?

This article is for existing Vox clients.

In this article we will go through Vox voice call credits, why call credits are applied and how you can easily change your call credit.

What Are Call Credits?

A call credit is a predetermined value given to every customer's voice account, regardless of their Vox service or plan. Think of it as a preset boundary that helps control the use of voice services during a specific period.

Why Are Call Credits Put In Place: 

These credits are in place to keep Vox and our customers secure. They help prevent instances of fraud where services are excessively used without the account holder's knowledge, causing costs to spiral out of control.  All voice accounts have a credit to protect the client from runaway fraud and calls made without consent. 

Default call credits are set up as follows:
Consumer: R50

Business: R2500


Vox Voice Call Credits And Uncapped Calling Packages: Explained 

Vox offers uncapped calling packages that provide uncapped calling to all South African destinations and select international countries, including Australia, China, Germany, New Zealand, Netherlands, United Kingdom-London and United States. However, it's important to note that the call credit is applicable to the uncapped package for all South African and the mentioned international destinations. While the call rate may vary depending on the destination, for instance, calling Italy might have a higher call rate than the popular destinations mentioned earlier, leading to a quicker depletion of your call credit if you frequently make calls to Italy. For a detailed international call rate sheet, simply log a support ticket here and we will assist you.

How Vox Voice Call Credits Work: 

The call credit process is designed to ensure transparency and open communication between Vox and its customers. Here's a breakdown of how it operates:
  • Monthly Reset: On the 1st day of each month, the call usage value resets to R0 while the call credit itself remains unchanged. 

  • Automated Notifications: When a customer's account usage reaches 80% of their call credit, an automated notification is sent to the Account Manager and it is then logged to support. 

  • Proactive Engagement: If usage is nearing the credit, the Account Manager takes charge of engaging with the customer to discuss the situation and plan a way forward.

  • Increasing The Credit: Should a customer want to increase their credit limit—either temporarily or permanently, click here to log a support ticket.

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