LTE | Huawei B535 | How to lock your router to 4G

LTE | Huawei B535 | How to lock your router to 4G

  1. Ensure your router is connected to your Laptop or PC via ethernet cable (Yellow cable supplied with the router)


  1. Open your web browser (     or   or     )and type in the search bar and press enter

  1. Log in using username: admin 

   password: admin

( this can be found on the bottom of the router)

  1. Once logged in, select Network settings, click Mobile network on the left and in the sub-menu, click on Mobile Network Searching.

  1. Change the preferred mode from auto to 4G Only

  1. Click apply, and your Router is now locked on 4G Only/LTE. Telkom uses the 1800mhz & 2100mhz frequencies, either of these can be selected, to achieve the best results.
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