Learn how our Zoho implementation and onboarding process works.

Learn how our Zoho implementation and onboarding process works

Learn how our Zoho implementation and onboarding process works

This article is for new and existing Zoho Users who would like to embark on a Zoho Implementation with DSL Telecom.
Moving your company from one software solution to the next can be a challenge. To understand the software and to get your whole team aboard using your new Zoho software, professional onboarding is inevitable. That's where DSL Telecom's team of Zoho Experts can assist.

With our Zoho Implementation and onboarding process we will define where you are and where you want to get to, and then use a combination of software customisation, development, user training and support to ensure you are never stuck on the path to achieving your business success.
In this brief 5-minute read, you will fully understand how DSL Telecom's Zoho Software implementation and onboarding process works and the information that we will need in order to make your Zoho Software Implementation smooth.

Here's what you can expect once you have signed your Zoho Software proposal with DSL Telecom:

Step 1: A Project Manager will be assigned to your project

Once the proposal has been signed, your project will be assigned a project manager, who will make contact with you to arrange a project kick-off meeting.

Within your project kick-off call, we will go over your software priorities and what the rest of the project rollout will look like. You can expect to cover everything from your company’s goals, problems you’re facing today, strategies to implement, and the metrics you need more visibility into.

Step 2: Project Discovery & Design

After your project manager has concluded all of the project scoping meetings with the relevant stakeholders, a comprehensive scope of work document is created and included are the project milestones, project timelines, project exclusions, project stakeholders, and potential constraints.  

The information outlined in your statement of work will form the backbone of your Zoho Software implementation and onboarding, allowing you to understand exactly what will be delivered to you and your teams at the end of your Zoho Implementation.

Essential information required for a SOW
  • Projects requirements
  • Current business or departmental process flows
  • Key client project stakeholders
  • List of users that require training  

Step 3: Project Implementation & Testing

The project takes shape during the implementation phase. This phase involves the construction of the actual project result. At the end of the implementation phase, the implemented Zoho Software is evaluated according to the list of requirements within the SOW that was created in the design project phase.It is also evaluated according to the possible test scenarios.

The building phase also includes built-in sign-off processes to better ensure each party is satisfied throughout the project before moving to the next group of milestones. The result is an on-time, on-budget implementation of your Zoho solution tailored to bring your business to the next level.

Step 4: Project Deployment

Once the software implementation passes the testing phase, the software is ready to go live. This means that the Zoho Software is ready to be handed over and used in a real environment by all of your users. During this phase, the Project Manager, will run through your new system with you and ensure all deliverables have been met.

User Access
This stage of the project includes things like setting up users, configuring admin settings, and controlling how people access and use the software, through roles and permissions.
User and Admin Training

After the project is handed over, you will receive hands-on administrator and user training for you and your team, within
this training you’ll get all of the help and best practices that you need to get off to a great start.

Step 5: Support and Success

Support is a key component in the success of your Zoho Implementation, especially during the first initial week, after your software has gone live. After your Zoho implementation training is complete you will receive post-go-live support for a limited period, for any bugs that may be discovered by real users using your software.

You can expect to be supported throughout implementation and onboarding. After you have been onboarded, you can sign up for one of our Customer Success Plans for continued support and system advancement anytime you need it.  

We collected the most common implementation questions so your team can move forward with confidence.

1. How long does it take to implement and onboard Zoho into my business?
Your Zoho implementation project lead time will be estimated upfront within your project scoping document. This will be estimated based on your project requirements.

2. What do I do if I have don't have a process flow?
If your business does not have a process flow, then we can create a process flow with you.

3. Where do I send support-related queries?
You can contact our support team for support-related queries by logging a ticket here: https://service.dsltelecom.co.za/portal/en/newticket?departmentId=36415000000006907&layoutId=36415000009800011 

4. What happens if our business would like to add an additional Zoho application in phase one of the implementation?
If your business would like to add an application into the first phase of the implementation, then we will create a new scope of work for that Zoho application which will include its own set of project deliverables and timelines.  

In conclusion

Implementing Zoho and onboarding your company is a team sport and we have the resources to help make it a smooth process.
We know workplace change is an ongoing effort and things are bound to change once your team re-familiarizes themselves with your new Zoho Software-- that is why we offer Zoho Customer Success Plans, ideal for after a Zoho Implementation, your newly dedicated CSM will be there, right with you for as you continue the advancement of your Zoho system to fit your growing business needs.

Talk to a Zoho expert here: https://www.dsltelecom.co.za/contactus

View our Customer Success Plans here: https://www.dsltelecom.co.za/zohocustomersuccess

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