Telkom LTE Data Validity, Consumption & Rollover - Explained

Telkom LTE Data Validity, Consumption & Rollover - Explained

This article is for clients who need an explanation that covers all Telkom's LTE/LTE-A Pre-Paid, Post-Paid and Top-Up plans.

At the beginning of a new month, customers will be allocated their monthly inclusive data which is made up of Anytime Data and Night Surfer data.

The monthly inclusive Anytime data has a validity of 2 calendar months while the monthly inclusive Night Surfer data has a validity of 1 calendar month.


Example: The inclusive data allocated to your plan on the 1st of November will expire on the 31st of December and the inclusive night surfer data allocated to your plan will expire on the 30th of November.


When do I start using my night surfer data?

You start using your Night Surfer data component from midnight until 7am. Once your allocated Night Surfer data has been depleted, your internet connection will start consuming your Anytime inclusive data if still available.

What happens to unused inclusive monthly data?

Any unused inclusive Anytime data shall roll over to the next calendar month. The rolled-over data will be depleted first before the newly allocated inclusive data is used. The unused data will include Night Surfer data that will not be carried over to the next calendar month.

Example: If you are subscribed to a 20GB plan (which comes with 10GB Anytime data and 10GB Night Surfer data) and only utilised 8GB of your inclusive Anytime data and 7GB of your Night Surfer data, the remaining 2GB unused Anytime data will be carried over to the following month, but the 3GB Night Surfer data will not be carried over. The 2GB of rolled-over anytime data will be consumed and depleted first before the new monthly inclusive Anytime date is utilised.

What happens if my inclusive data runs out?

If your inclusive data becomes depleted, you can do one of the following:

1) Top up your data or add on a recurring bolt-on top-up via the Telkom website or mobile app.

2) Continue to browse the internet at the out-of-bundle rate of R.30 per MB

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