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Telkom LTE Pro-Rated Data Allocation - Explained

This article is for Telkom LTE customers who have just signed up and need the pro-rated data explained to them.

Pro-rated data allocation refers to fair data distribution relating to the day of the month your Telkom Capped LTE package was activated.

For Example:

If your 240GB LTE package was activated on the 1st day of a new month, your gigabytes will be divided by the number of days in the month. 240GB / 30 days = 8GB per day.

If, however, your LTE package is activated on the 15th of the month, you will still receive 8GB per day for the remainder of the month, but understandably not the full 240GB.

This means you won't have the full amount of data available until your next bill date.

How Are The Bundles Displayed on My Telkom Statement?

Here's what you can expect to see on your Telkom LTE Statement, which may appear confusing at first.

In this example, this customer has a SmartBroadband 20GB Wireless package with 20GB Anytime Data + 20GB Night Surfer Data + 20GB extra inclusive SmartBroadband data (promotional deals only)

Expiry Date
Inclusive SmartBroadband Data
Mon Nov 30 2020
35 MB
Recurring LTE/LTE-A Anytime Data
Mon Nov 30 2020
15 855 MB
Included Telkom Mobile Night Surfer Data
Mon Nov 30 2020
19 843 MB
Inclusive SmartBroadband Data
Mon Nov 30 2020
20 480 MB
Recurring LTE/LTE-A Anytime Data
Thu Dec 31 2020
20 480 MB
Recurring LTE/LTE-A Night Surfer Data
Mon Nov 30 2020
20 480 MB

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