An explanation of Vox Business Fibre FUP

An explanation of Vox Business Fibre FUP

This article is written for Vox business fibre customers or businesses who are interested in Vox FTTB and would like to get a better understanding of what the Vox Fibre To The Business FUP entails.

The meaning of FUP:

FUP means "Fair Usage Policy", which is implemented by network service providers, such as Vox, wherein they place a limit on the usage of internet data for heavy bandwith users.

The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is as simple way of protecting the integrity of the Vox FTTB network. As with all acceptable use policies, if you use more than a certain, predetermined ‘fair’ amount of data in a given timeframe, your line speed could slow down during peak times, in order to allow other users to access the network fairly.

Vox's Fair Usage Policy:

A fair use policy (FUP) will be implemented on standard uncapped bundles according to the soft cap limits. No other monthly restrictions will apply. 
  1. Should utilisation reach a total of 50% of the allowed bandwidth threshold, the line speed will be limited to 50% of the contracted line speed. 
  2. Should utilisation reach a total of 100% of the allowed bandwidth threshold, the line speed will be limited to 10% of the contracted line speed.

The FUP may be lifted by adding the following product enhancements:

  1. Fibre+ - The FUP will be removed instantaneously and will apply for the remainder of the contract term.
  2. Double up on service - This will result in the FUP bandwidth thresholds being increased and will apply for the remainder of the contract term

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