How to strengthen your LTE speeds and internet connection

How to strengthen your LTE speeds and internet connection

This article is for existing Telkom LTE customers who would like to improve their internet connection.

To confirm that your internet is really slow, perform a Wi-Fi speed test to confirm your internet speeds. To check your speed, go to Anything above 10mbps and your Netflix and YouTube shouldn't buffer! If you are streaming from some “unofficial site” then it might be the streaming site that is slow and not your internet. 

If you are experiencing slow internet speeds, here are a few things that you can try to improve your internet connection: 

Step 1: Move your router to a more central location or install an LTE antenna: You might be experiencing a less consistent LTE signal due to your router being shadowed by obstacles within or around your home, the position of your router, thick walls or distance from the LTE router. We suggest placing your router up high in a central location where there is less interference or install an LTE Omni Directional antenna that boosts your LTE router, stabilising LTE speed and increasing signal strength. Go to 👉 for more information about the LTE antenna.

Step 2: Reduce the number of devices using up the bandwidth: Try reducing the number of devices that is connected to your internet.

Step 3: Invest in a new router: Old routers use less efficient technology and may develop technical issues. Upgrading your wireless router becomes a necessity as wireless standards change and technology becomes better equipped to handle more receiving devices.

Step 4: Top up your data: If you have a Telkom uncapped LTE package and experiencing slower speeds towards the end of the month, you may have hit your uncapped FUP (fair usage policy) due to high data usage. To access a higher speed, simply top up your data using the Telkom mobile app on your phone. Go to 👉 👉 to learn how to check your data balance and top up your data.

Step 5: Change your wireless router channel: This tip is fully dependent on your wireless router. However, if you live in an apartment or in a dense suburban neighborhood, your wireless interference issues may be because of your neighbour’s’ Wi-Fi router. Changing your wireless router’s channel will allow it to operate on a slightly different part of the frequency band, clearing up the interference issue. How you go about changing the channel will vary by device and brand. Check your device manual or the manufacturer’s website to learn how to adjust the channel settings.

Step 6: Upgrading your WiFi is always an option if your budget allows it. Check out our LTE deals here 👉

If you have done a speed test and have tried the above you are still experiencing slow speeds, it is best to give your ISP a call. If Telkom is your ISP for LTE, you can call their Care Centre at 081 180 or 10210. You can reach the Vox Support Centre at 087 805 0530

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