What to do If My Telkom SIM Card Is Stolen Or Damaged

What to do If My Telkom SIM Card Is Stolen Or Damaged

Here are the steps you can follow if your Telkom SIM Card has been stolen or damaged:

In the event that your mobile device has been stolen, you should blacklist the device and block the SIM card. (Follow Steps 1 - 4).

If your Sim card is merely damaged or missing, proceed to Step 4.


Step 1:

Call 081 180 from a Telkom, Vodacom, Virgin Mobile, Cell C or MTN phone.


Step 2:

Inform the call centre agent that your cell phone has been stolen.


Step 3:

Provide your mobile phone number, IMEI number, your ID number and physical address to have your mobile phone blacklisted and the SIM card blocked.


Step 4:

Go to your nearest Telkom store to get a SIM swap. 


Remember to take your id document as well as a proof of residence to the Telkom store for RICA purposes.

If you have any support queries, email: support@dsltelecom.co.za

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