An explanation of Telkom's order approval stages

An explanation of Telkom's order approval stages


Once your order has been submitted to Telkom's back office for approval, it may go through one or more of the below order approval stages. Here's what the various stages mean:


#1 Order referred to Telkom Credit Management for approval

Your order may be referred to Telkom's Credit Management for manual assessment and credit vetting. Telkom typically does this to assess product affordability and to ensure no fraud occurs

Telkom's credit managements target SLA turnaround time is 2-3 business days to provide a final outcome on the application.


#2 Order referred to Telkom's networks for approval

Your order may be referred to Telkom's networks team for technical assessment/approval.

Generally, when orders are referred to networks (Openserve) it is to ensure that the order can technically be fulfilled from an infrastructure/operator point of view before the order can be fully approved.


#3 Referred to Telkom's IT Team to rectify IT issue

When your order has been referred to Telkom's IT team, there has been a technical system issue when Telkom's back office when they tried to process the order.

Your Order will be processed once the system error has been fixed on Telkom's side.


#4 Order referred to Telkom Location Management for approval

Telkom may refer your order to their location mapping team to verify your delivery/installation address. This may be because they cannot pick up your exact address on their mapping system. Your address will need to be verified on their system before processing the order.

A case has been logged and the turnaround time from the mapping department is usually 2 business days and at this stage no action is required from your side. 

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